The first five Metaphysics Conferences, held every three years, took place in Rome (2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012). This year, 2015, which is also the Jubilee Year of St. Theresa of Avila, the Conference will be hosted by the Fernando Rielo Chair at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, not far from the city of this great saint.

Pope Francis, in opening the Jubilee, stated,

“The mystical experience of St. Theresa did not separate her from the world or human concerns. On the contrary, it gave her new energy and boldness for action and everyday duties, for ‘the Lord is present among pots and pans,’ too (Fundaciones 5,8). She lived through the hardships of her time—which was so complicated—without yielding to the temptation to complain bitterly, but, rather, accepting them in faith as an opportunity to take another step along the way…. The Saint would sometimes shorten her delightful letters by saying, ‘We are on the road’ (Letter 469,7.9), as a way of expressing the urgency of continuing a task she had begun until the end. When the world is burning, one cannot waste time on affairs of little importance. If only this holy rush to go out and travel the roads of our own time, with the Gospel in one’s hand and the Spirit in one’s heart could be contagious for everyone!”


The mystical dimension is one of the main topics of this Metaphysics Conference, an area which also occupied a central place in previous events. Metaphysics without the mystical contribution would be reduced to pure abstraction; a mystical perspective without metaphysics would be left drifting. Previous conferences have advocated the complementarity of the two fields. Hopefully, this Jubilee Year of St. Theresa will suggest alternatives and issues which will enable us to see the decisive significance of the mystical domain in every sphere and dimension of the human person.



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