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General information

Seventh World Conference on Metaphysics (2018, Oct. 24-27)

Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. c/ La Compañía, 5. 37002 Salamanca (Spain).

The Program Committee invites authors to submit their abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the program.
Kindly note that Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts will be provided as soon as possible.

Submission guidelines for your ABSTRACT:
Abstracts must be submitted in Spanish or English by September 15, 2018.

Oral presentations may be made in Spanish or English. Simultaneous translation will be available only at the plenary sessions.
Texts for publication will be accepted in these two languages: Spanish or English.
Please complete and send your abstract using the attached form. Abstracts should be submitted only by email or fax.
The material in the abstract must be original and not published previously.
Abstracts should focus on topics which may be included within one of the following areas:

1.- Metaphysics and religions:

Comprises the presentation and foundation of the various views of mystical experience in different religions, as well as interreligious dialogue. Possible topics: Christian mysticism and other mystical traditions, religion and fundamentalism, keys to a well-formed vision of monotheism, founding basis and values of ecumenism.

2.- Metaphysics and the person:

Includes the various contributions to anthropology, ethics and sociology. Possible topics: personalism, mysticism and anthropology, ethics and ascetics, ethics and politics, economics and politics, society and law, humanism and ideology.

3.- Metaphysics and science:

An attempt at getting into the foundation of the sciences and their methodologies. Possible subjects: logic and science, epistemology, model and method, genetic conception of methodology, experimental sciences and experiential sciences.

4.- Metaphysics and culture:

Covering everything related to the foundations of aesthetics and culture. Possible subjects: arts, literature, multiculturalism, communication, sports, leisure.

5.- Metaphysics and theology:

Analysing the metaphysical and theological assumptions present in the religious discourse. Possible topics: science and faith, relationship between metaphysics and theology, conditions for a universally valid theodicy, reason and revelation.

6.- Metaphysics and therapy:

Metaphysics should give an integrating vision of therapy: physiotherapy, psychotherapy, logotherapy. Possible subjects: psychiatry, psychology, medicine and in general any therapeutic activity.

7.- Metaphysics and education:

Metaphysics is meant to educate the sensibility of the new generations confronted to the perennial search for a supreme dimension of life. Possible topics: pedagogy of transcendence and secularization, metaphysics and peace, education in ecstasy.
The title should be as brief as possible, but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the study. Please do not define or use abbreviations in the title.
The entire abstract must fit in the box provided on the electronic abstract form available at the conference website. The abstract shall be limited to 200 words using the font size Times or Times New Roman 12. Do not use graphics or tables.
Check spelling and grammar carefully. Direct reproduction from your electronically submitted abstract text means that any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will be reproduced as submitted.
Each presenting author may PRESENT a maximum of two abstracts at the conference. The number of submissions is, however, not limited. Should an author have more than two abstracts accepted for presentation, a co-author must be named as presenting author for one or more abstracts (Rule of Two).
After registering your abstract, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive any confirmation, please contact the Conference Secretariat: info@romemetaphysics.org
If you wish to make any corrections to an abstract already submitted or if you wish to submit other abstracts, please send an email to the Conference Secretariat. Corrections to abstracts can be made only until the deadline for submissions: September 15, 2018.
Notification of acceptance of the abstracts submitted will be sent to you by email as soon as possible.


If your abstract has been accepted, you should submit your Final Paper. Please consult the Author’s Guide.