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1.- To favour, accommodate and open a dialogue around a comprehensive view of the human being, i.e.:

  • The three levels that constitute human beings: body, psyche and spirit.
  • The four areas that relate them: to themselves, to the transcendent, to other human beings and to nature: personal, sacral, social and cosmic.
  • The manifold dimensions in which all human activities are carried out for our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, such as history, science, religion, art, culture, therapy, economics, politics, sport…

2.- To have metaphysics back into the heart of human culture.
So that it can be a guiding light, and truly fulfil its founding and integrating role in each field of research applied to life: physics, biology, social sciences; reflection on medicine, law, politics, economics, the arts, and a peaceful coexistence among peoples.

3.- To promote an ecumenical reflection between different religious traditions and a dialogue between different mentalities.
Offering a channel to the most intimate aspirations of human beings, and doing it now, in this era of globalization and almost worldwide pluralism due to massive migrations, in which more than ever it is necessary to interpret and properly assess the various forms of experience and develop a genuine model for interpretation that should evolve around the magna quaestio of our time: the definition of the human person, with all its scientific, social, legal and spiritual implications.