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Agreement renewed for the Fernando Rielo Chair of Studies at the Pontifical University of Salamanca

On May 14 this year, the “Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca” (UPSA) and the “Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer, idente missionaries” signed the renewal of the agreement for collaboration in the development of the Fernando Rielo Chair of Sudies in the same university. The event took place in the presence of the Rector of the University, Mirian de las Mercedes Cortés Diéguez, and the President of the Institute Id, Jesús Fernández Hernández.

The renewal of the Chair of Studies will serve to carry on works of study and research on the thought of Fernando Rielo and its application in the dialogue of theology with current culture and human sciences, in the context of the new evangelization. In that sense, one of the main actions of the Chair of Studies is the World Conference on Metaphysics: its seventh edition will be held precisely this year 2018, October 24-27, on the UPSA campus.

The Fernando Rielo Chair of Studies at UPSA also intends to contribute to and promote the dialogue between faith and culture from the main areas of Rielo’s reflection, especially mysticism, anthropology, sociology, psychology, ethics, literature and pedagogy.

The renewed agreement includes an important novelty: a Fernando Rielo research fellowship for students willing to write a doctoral dissertation on his thought and work. The doctoral dissertation should focus on the following areas of his thought: mystical conception of anthropology; education in ecstasy; psycho-ethics: a new model in psychology; aesthetics; and philosophy and mysticism. The amount of the fellowship is 2.500 € for a maximum of three years.

The Chair of Studies will also promote lectures, round tables, seminars and special courses, as well as contests that will reward the best works on the thought of Fernando Rielo.

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